Anonymous asked:

i know you say that you are posting of weheartit but you have taken my photos which i have taken and posted to tumblr(only)and the source has been removed and posted as your own. I have been following you for a while and i thought this was a1 time thing but you have done this to other blogs that i follow as well. like lifeinitselements and myhipsterw0rld these blogs are personal favourites of mine and if i dont appreciate it i highly doubt they do too stop making excuses and sort it out

Well I honestly only post from
Weheartit so if it was taken from your blog some other person must of posted it to weheartit and I just shared it. So if you want me to remove the picture I would be happy to, or just give you credit. I’m sorry I never meant to I only post what I see on that site that I find interesting.